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Birmingham and Solihull Pathology Hub underway

Birmingham and Solihull Pathology Hub underway

A project to transform the way laboratory services are delivered across Birmingham and Solihull is underway with the creation of a regional pathology hub.

Pathology is the study of disease and is central to diagnoses made in the NHS. The work of pathologists and scientists is vital for efficient and effective healthcare. Working in hospitals and the community, they are involved in preventing, diagnosing, treating and monitoring diseases to keep people as healthy as possible.

The Birmingham and Solihull Pathology Hub Project, led by University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UHB), will see the development of a single pathology service as part of a ‘hub and spoke model’ that will deliver a consistent and highest-quality service for patients, hospitals and GPs.

The Pathology Hub will be one of 29 regional hubs currently being set up across the country as part of a national mandate in line with NHS Improvement and the 2016 Carter review’s aims to improve quality, increase efficiency and deliver a service to meet growing and changing demands on the pathology service.

Kevin Bolger, UHB’s Executive Director of Strategic Operations, said:

It’s a great time to be part of the BSol Pathology Hub and the integration of teams from HGS and QEHB.

Lots of excellent work already happens across our sites but this project will help drive huge improvements and investment in our standards, skills, workforce, technology and equipment, ensuring we are better able to deliver results of unmatched accuracy, quicker.