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Introducing Locality Working in Solihull

Solihull has agreed three localities within the borough, broadly based on community boundaries and demand patterns, each with a population of around 70,000.

The framework for locality working enables partners to work together more effectively to deliver a more cohesive approach to service delivery across agencies. It brings together a range of place-based approaches into a more comprehensive framework across both place and people based services.

There are four core elements to Locality Working:

  1. leadership with partners, through the appointment of locality, leads for each locality, to build key relationships and understand operational priorities
  2. monthly tasking meeting attended by partner representatives to respond to operational issues and problem solve jointly
  3. development of a locality plan for each locality based on a locality profile summarising key data and priorities emerging from a range of community engagements
  4. multi-agency working with communities and families to identify emerging opportunities for preventative work

On 28 September, the project held its first engagement event with stakeholders including health, police, local authority and parish councils, voluntary and community sector and resident associations to help create a locality plan. This will be developed over the next six months and will capture data, agreed priorities, actions and outcome measures.  It will be shared at the next engagement event in May 2019.  A workshop led through NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG will be held in December 2018 to consider how best health sector colleagues engage with the initiative.

For more information please contact Fiona Hughes, Chief Executive, Solihull Community Housing or Louise Baggott, Locality Working Project Manager.