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Over 50? Help flu research study

Researchers at the University of Birmingham are trying to improve how vaccines work, particularly in older adults.

They have previously found that flu vaccines work better at certain times of the day. They now want to see if this is true for the two commonest types of vaccine used in older adults; the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

The study needs 140 volunteers to have their flu or pneumonia vaccinations in either the morning (08:00hrs) or afternoon (16:00hrs). The researchers will then take blood samples one, seven and 28 days later, and also one year later, to see which time of day is best.

If you would like to help with study, you need to be aged 50 or over, not to be taking any steroid medication and not to have had this year’s flu vaccination, or a pneumonia vaccination in the last five years.

To get involved, please email Professor Janet Lord or Dr Niharika Duggal