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There are many untold stories of Early Intervention partners working in greater collaboration after one year of the service being fully rolled out.

Salil Parkar, Therapy Lead for inpatients at BCHC took a few minutes out of his day to recount this particular great example of partnership in action with acute and community trust at the forefront of all those involved.

The call to action took place around 4pm on a Friday afternoon when teams at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) , the West Heath Hospital Therapy Team and a private equipment provider pulled all the stops out to ensure that a patient was transferred on the  day as planned.

It as a complex discharge case.  The patient  was bariatric patient and had to transfer from the QE to West Health for ongoing rehabilitation.

Salil explains: “We were having a problem getting the right bariatric equipment in place.  We had planned to  transfer our patient on the Friday but this was looking like it would fail as the equipment needed for continued care at home was not working properly.  We had tried a couple of options but no joy.

“Some quick thinking between the QE and our therapy team resulted in the QE agreeing to  transfer the handling of the equipment over to us and the paperwork could be sorted the following week.

“This all happened late on a Friday afternoon when things tend to get quieter.  But not on this occasion – the phone calls were crazy!  The QE team, our team, the equipment provider and many others in between pulled out all the stops to ensure that the patient got transferred to West Heath on Saturday morning .

“A huge thank you to all involved.  This is the Early Intervention partners working at their best!”

Pictured  are two of the team involved in delivering such a great result for our patient, Laura Thomas – OT and Jay Bhuta – physio.